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Last Chance Early Birds

Last Chance Early Birds

Date Added: 28 Jan 2017

The Early Bird offer has but hours to live!  Well Monday actually, but don’t miss out – get yours now.

We have a few more great names to announce this week including the lovely young men from Maia, the equally as lovey gentlemen from The Alligators, Shiznitz keepin' it lovely and The Jive Aces who have a lovely manager and lovely yellow suits.

All these lovely new ones can be added to the lovely ones that we have already bagged such as The Jar Family, The Life and Times of the Brothers Hogg, Los Pachaminos featuring Paul Young, Mr. T and the Minions, The Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers, Rusty Shackle, Three Daft Monkeys, The Tom Townsend Band and the always lovey Henry Priestman.

Lovely or what?

And we have some more exciting lineup announcements to make when the Early Bird Offer has finished!

Just in case anybody had not heard the news BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend is coming to the home of Cornucopia Festival at Burton Constable Hall.  They have Little Mix and Kings of Leon but we have Car Park John who also has a big weekend! 

Its good to see that Burton Constable Hall is getting the recognition that it deserves. 

This year’s Cornucopia Festival theme is Who When What?, a celebration of a tremendous year of literary and film anniversaries.  We really are going to have some fun with this one this year. 

50 years – The Graduate, 40 years – Star Wars, 30 years – Dirty dancing, 20 years – Titanic,  20 years – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  Feel old yet?

Oh, there are some book anniversaries as well but who has heard of any of these?  Enid Blighton’s The Famous Five (75 years that one), Sherlock Holmes (125 years and still looking good), 120 years since Dracula (I have a door from the Dementer that I bought from an old fisherman in a pub in Whitby!)

Unfortunately, it was Pennywise’s 30th anniversary last year but we still have a chainsaw, so you never know!

This year we are also putting together a very exciting under 40s programme. It was supposed to be an under 18s card but I want a go as well.  We have got all sorts of brilliant art, science and culture workshops and have a go sessions.